Deborah Lemen Studios

Southern California based, Deborah Lemen Acting Studio's mission is to help students of all ages develop, hone, and enhance techniques and tools that will enable them to build a career as a professional, working actor. With intense study and practice in the classroom, on set and on camera, we place special emphasis on training the actor to respond quickly and fully to all stimuli; enabling each student to make fearless, confident and ultimately, winning choices. Whether through class or private coaching, the essential goal of Deborah Lemen Acting Studio is to help the actor cultivate a process as a professional artist that is uniquely their own, giving them their greatest chance at working in the acting industry.

Members of Mandy Kids UK who have worked for Deborah Lemen Studios

  • Ciara Parker
    Ciara Parker , Student
    • Deborah Lemen Studios, Los Angeles
    • Deborah Lemen Studios, Los Angeles

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